A person's financial and patrimonial situation can be impacted by:

  • The evolution of his/her personal and professional situation
  • The shift of the person's tax residence outside of France
  • An always changing economic, legal, fiscal and social environment

Every patrimonial objective can be reached through effective wealth management advice.

This advice follows a strict consulting method. Wealth management advice leads to legal, fiscal and financial recommendations and offers concrete management or transmission strategies.

  • Global analysis of the client's patrimonial situation, focused on family law, company law, real estate law, tax law, portfolio management, etc.
  • Focus on the client's expectations regarding the management and transmission of his/ her wealth and property.
  • Setting up of wealth management and transmission strategies. Read more...
  • For expatriates, the extra-territoriality of the client's situation will be taken into account. Read more....



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