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Our practice focuses on tax law and property law for the benefit of residents and non-residents in France and in Germany.



Our practice specializes in tax law and in property law in an international context, in particular in France and in Germany.


If you are a non-resident, who wishes to invest or live in France or in Germany, it is important that you be advised by lawyers specialized in tax law and property law, who understand the particular challenges that result from your international situation. 


The law firm VSA was founded by Mireille Virapoullé Schröder, a lawyer specialized in tax law, whose carrier started 26 years ago at PricewaterhouseCoopers.


Our specialization and our focus on France and Germany result from our observation that the professional and personal mobility of people between France and Germany is constantly increasing.


We wish to provide comprehensive advice to our clients, including in questions of tax law and property law, but also real estate management, wealth management, labor law and social law. We have built partnerships with other professionals (lawyers, notaries, certified accountants, auditors, financial investment advisors) in France and in Germany, in order to provide our clients with this service.

  • Tax residence

  • Tax returns for residents and non-residents

  • Tax adjustment procedures

  • Real estate taxes

  • Property wealth tax

  • Exit tax

  • Expatriation/ return to France

  • Matrimonial property regimes

  • Modalities of property ownership 

  • Inheritance of property in France

  • International inheritance, in particular in France and Germany

  • Transmission of private and professional inheritance

  • Spouse protection

  • Real estate investments 

We provide advice to our clients in English, French and German! 


We collaborate regularly with other established law firms in France and in Germany,

as well as with certified accountants, tax consultants and other professionals. 




An estate must be organized, managed and can be transmitted.  


Your objectives with regard to your property and estate may evolve: 

  • because your personal and professional situation might change; 

  • because you might decide to transfer your tax residence to another country; 

  • because the economic, legal, social and tax environment of your property and estate might change. 

We provide you with advice specifically tailored to your personal situation, your particular issues and your objectives. 



Acquiring your principal or your secondary residence is an important step 


  • Our firm can act as your legal representative in real estate transactions. 


  • We assist you in finding your real estate property, advise you regarding the administrative procedures to follow, and help you draft the necessary legal acts. We provide advice and legal representation in case of a conflict. 


You may also wish to acquire property as an investment 


  • Our firm provides you with the necessary legal and tax advice for all your real estate projects, and informs you of the various ways for you to benefit from tax exemptions. 


  • We assist you in finding the appropriate rental investment (unfurnished or furnished property), analyze the opportunity of the real estate investments that you are considering to make, and help you manage your property. 


If your acquisition of real estate involves an international element (you reside abroad, you wish to acquire property in a country other than your country of residence, you are considering to move abroad, etc.), it is important to receive advice that takes this international situation into account. 


  • Our practice is specialized in private international law. 

  • We provide advice adapted to an acquisition of real estate property in an international context.



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Avocat, member of the Paris Bar, France and on the list

of European lawyers of the Bar in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Prior to creating VSA Avocats, she worked in various firms in Paris, including Price Waterhouse Paris (today PwC Société d’Avocats Paris).

Specialized in the following fields: 

French and international tax law

French and international property law and wealth management

A member of:

The Association and French and German Lawyer - 

The Institute of Tax Lawyers in Paris -




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