In view of the constant evolution of tax laws and case-law in France, understanding French tax legislation requires to be accompanied by an experienced and specialized tax law professional. 


We can provide you with this adapted and specialized advice when you move to France or when you decide to invest in France. 


We advise you regarding inter alia the following topics: 

  • Income tax

  • Property wealth tax

  • Inheritance taxes and donation taxes

  • Taxation of capital income generated through the sale of real estate property and securities 

  • Risks of abuse of rights

  • Local taxes

  • Tax returns

  • Real-estate VAT

  • Solidarity tax on wealth

  • Registration fees

  • Tax on real estate of 3%

  • Taxation of capital income generated through the sale of real estate 

  • Taxation of foreign investments, application of international treaties

  • Taxation of income generated through real estate: furnished rentals, property income

Any investment in real estate entails consequences in terms of taxation that should be taken into account when constructing an investment project. 


We advise and accompany private persons residing in France or in Germany with regard to their real estate investments in France or Germany. 

We advise you regarding inter alia the following topics: 


Owning real estate property and building an estate entails consequences in terms of taxation.

It may be necessary to put into place schemes allowing for an optimization of the taxation of your property. 


We advise you regarding inter alia the following topics: 

  • Property and wealth restructuring

  • Establishment of optimization structures

  • Various tax implications: registration fees, income taxes, value-added tax, property wealth tax

  • Division of property

  • Inheritance and donations

  • Transmission of real estate and professional assets

  • Tax disputes


Moving to or investing in Germany can have consequences in terms of taxation, both in your home country and in Germany. German tax law is complex and has its own particularities. It is therefore important to be well advised and accompanied by a professional specialized in German tax law if you decide to live or invest there. 


Our law firm brings you this advice and accompanies you if you are moving to Germany, be it for professional or for personal reasons. 


We answer all your questions regarding the consequences of your move in terms of taxation, and in particular regarding:

  • Taxation of a non-resident in your home country (France)

  • Taxation of an expatriate in Germany

  • The Exit Tax

  • Property structures in Germany

  • The consequences of expatriation in terms of taxes on inheritance and donations

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